7 Ways to Feng Shui your Home

August 3, 2022

As we approach mid-summer, we wanted to share some fun ways to spruce up your environment and balance the energies with these simple ways to feng shui your home.

  1. Organize, Declutter and Clean.
    We’ve all heard the Marie Kondo Way – if it does not bring you joy – toss it.
    Clutter causes congestion in any room. Start in one room and organize, declutter and clean each living space. We recommend starting in the kitchen as that is where most of the gathering, communicating, and family time is spent. By clearing away excess clutter you are creating breathing space, organization and room for energy to flow.

    Focus on your window space as well. Windows in the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms as they symbolize your eyes to the world and allow light and energy into your home. Open your windows from time to time to create a fresh room filled with oxygen.

  2. Feng Shui the Front Door. The front door is the gatekeeper to your home sanctuary. Your primary flow of energy or chi is through the main door so it’s important to have a strong entrance. Make sure that it is well maintained and unobstructed. You don’t want to have squeaky hinges, chipped paint, dust bunnies or damages. Create space that allows energy to flow in and out by removing any clutter, old mats, tattered shoe racks or dead plants

  3. A Friendly Foyer. Whether you have a large or small space, the energy you create with this entry way is what will “wow” guests immediately. How do you want people to feel when they enter into your space? Clean, crisp and organized? Comfortable, cozy and relaxed? Bright colors, with design and flowers? Set the energy of your home by targeting the front foyer with the flow of chi that you choose to portray as you welcome friends and guests. Fresh cut flowers in a vase will offer a feeling of comfort when you feng shui your home.

  4. Create a comfy living room. This central space should be inviting for friends, family and guests alike. Avoid having furniture in the middle of the room and place your couch along a solid wall. An electric fireplace is a great accent for bringing in the elements (even a faux fire place). You can increase the energy by adding plants, flowers, and wood décor throughout the room.

  5. Build Boundaries in the Bedroom. Remove televisions, computers or exercise equipment as these add the energy of work and stress. The bedroom should be a place for relaxation and sleep. Decorate with items that bring you peace and relaxation. Having enough space for a bedside table on each side is important as well as avoiding having your bed in line with the door. You want energy to enter and circulate the room, not sit stagnant and stuffy.

  6. Close the Bathroom Door. Water is the element of wealth in feng shui and a lot of water escapes the home through toilets, sinks and showers. Small habits like putting the toilet seat down and closing the bathroom door will keep the positive energy that is already flowing through your bathroom in.

  7. Bloom in the Kitchen. The kitchen is considered the heart of the home, so it’s important to keep the pulse beating vibrantly. You can do this simply by adding fresh fruit, flowers or plants which bring uplifting life and energy. Add some fresh herb plants which add positive energy and great for adding to your kitchen creatives while cooking!  
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