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7 Ways to Feng Shui your Home

As we approach mid-summer, we wanted to share some fun ways to spruce up your environment and balance the energies with these simple ways to feng shui your home. Organize, Declutter and Clean.We’ve all heard the Marie Kondo Way – if it does not bring you joy – toss it.Clutter causes congestion in any room. […]

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How to Soundproof your Apartment

With summer here, we wanted to share some helpful ideas on how to soundproof your apartment. 1. Weatherproof your front door. It’s a well-known fact that sound can travel, and in order to protect your at home conversations and noisy family get togethers, we recommend sealing up any air gaps that may be around your […]

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Your home, your haven.

  We have been spending a lot of time at home since the onset of the pandemic. These days we are more excited to be going out than staying at home as the rules for gathering, and traveling start to loosen. This doesn’t mean the feeling we have about our home being our haven is changing.  […]

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Rent Like a Boss!

You’ve decided to find a new home.  You’ve searched and found the apartment that checks all of the boxes.  It meets your needs and budget!  Now what?  It’s time to make that “I’m a great tenant” impression.  Here are a few simple tips to get those keys to your new home.  Step One:  Fill out […]

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Getting Active!

2020 was a year that a lot of us want to forget. Travel restrictions, masks, and a variety of other changes created an unprecedented amount of stress that none of us were prepared for. A major shock to the system was the decline in gym accessibility paired with a heightened fear of cleanliness which led […]

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Apartment Gardens

The sunshine and warm temperatures are turning our thoughts to gardening here at State Street. It may seem a bit overwhelming to attempt to have a container garden in your limited space. We have rounded up a few tips and tricks, whether it be a container on your balcony or a pot on your window […]

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In the Mood for Spring?

The beautiful weather is showing up more often, we can start getting excited for spring! Along with spring cleaning, it’s important to welcome the season with fun activities that are inspired by fresh blooms and nature’s scents. Here are a few activities you can start looking forward to: Bouquet Making Are you always incredibly impressed […]

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Spring Cleaning Cheat Sheet

No one, I repeat, no one wants to spend a day, let alone an entire weekend, cleaning. Depending on your level of cleanliness, spring-cleaning times may vary. But we’re here with a quick guide to a thorough cleaning that you can get done in 2 hours, give or take. 2 hours is doable, right? If […]

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New Website, New Logo, New Buildings, New Faces

We are happy to introduce our new look and our new logo. You may have noticed some new buildings being built in the downtown core. State Street is proud to be leasing ground floor commercial and managing The Waverley. The latest multi-residential building, The Promenade, is located at 343 Queen Street which could be the […]

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