Getting Active!

June 10, 2021

2020 was a year that a lot of us want to forget. Travel restrictions, masks, and a variety of other changes created an unprecedented amount of stress that none of us were prepared for. A major shock to the system was the decline in gym accessibility paired with a heightened fear of cleanliness which led to a decline in physical activity. In a recent report conducted by Bloomberg, 54% of pre-COVID gym members have cancelled their gym memberships and do not plan to renew their membership post-pandemic. So, how can you stay fit and safe without having to go to a gym?

1) Try a workout video: In the age of streaming, this is a quick and easy solution to burn some calories and refresh your mind, body, and soul. YouTube, Daily Burn, and a variety of other streaming services offer instructional exercise videos. The workout video options vary based on your desired workout. You can also take your phone, tablet, or laptop outside and enjoy the natural light and fresh air.

2) Exercise on the trail system: Fredericton is known for its beautiful and expansive trail system. This includes the Downtown Riverfront Loop, UNB Woodlot, O’Dell Park Circuit, and Killarney Lake Trail. Run, bike, or walk, these trails provide fresh air and scenery that will distract you from the fact that you are working out.

3) Yoga: A special note must be made about Yoga. A study Harvard Health published highlights that just twelve minutes of yoga a day can increase your strength, help manage your stress and increase the quality of your sleep. Yoga routines can be found at

Be creative and have fun with getting active. You may also find that a hybrid model of online classes and in-person gym sessions works best for you.

Stay safe and we hope you are enjoying your time at State Street.

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