I have viewed something I love, what are the next steps?

Please fill out a rental application on our website here our leasing department will be in touch with you if your application is successful. Filling out all the required fields on the application makes things go much more quickly.

I have found a building that is perfect for me, but I do not see any vacancies, how can I live in this building?

You may add your name to the waiting list for any of our properties here. When we are notified of an upcoming vacancy we always contact the waiting list prior to advertising to the public. If you have found the building for you, it’s best to get your name on the list!

How do I book a viewing?

You can book a viewing through the website here or call 506-461-8297.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Who do I contact about a maintenance issue?

Non-emergency maintenance issues: please use the Tenant Portal to report issues, the instructions for using the Tenant Portal can be found here, and the video walkthrough can be found here. Issues may also be reported by emailing or by calling 506-478-7787 and pressing 2.

Emergency maintenance issues can be reported by calling the office during regular business hours at 506-478-7787.

For after-hours emergency maintenance issues, call your Resident Caretaker or call 506-478-7787, press 3 and follow the prompts for your building.

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